A message from our president:

Dear Vox Virorum (Men’s Voices) Members, Past–Present–Future,

The Vox Board is happy to announce our 2022-23 Season Schedule and we hope to see all of you at our first rehearsal.  The  upcoming season is shown below.

Vox Vivorum is now a legally incorporated 501-3 -C NC Non-Profit Organization; Vox was not incorporated previously and could not operate as a non-profit organization.  In the late spring/early summer of 2019, the Board developed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Vox Virorum.  The letter of incorporation was sent to the NC Secretary of State, and Vox Virorum subsequently received the current Non-Profit Incorporation Status and approval.  Click Vox Bylaws to view the document. 

The Board of Directors is legally charged with all the fiscal duties and responsibilities of the day to day operations of Vox Virorum.  You will probably not notice any changes in our organization, the biggest two changes being that (1) the Board has now committed to payment of Board-determined salaries to two Staff members–Artistic and Chorus Director Jeremy Nabors and Chorus Accompanist Michael L. Meyer and (2) individuals and corporations may now make tax-deductible contributions to Vox, to the extent allowed by law.

The Board will need the help of all members to make sure that Vox remains fiscally viable and that Vox bills are paid.  The Board, Jeremy and Mike are all very excited about this progress, and look forward to making music together and enjoying our fellowship of “Brothers in Song” going forward!

Now the details:


Vox Membership and Additional Information:

1.  Rehearsal Location,Day, Time:  

Rehearsal Location:

Yates Baptist Church

2819 Chapel Hill Road

Durham, NC  27707

Regular Rehearsal Date:  every Tuesday, except where noted in schedule or otherwise changed.

Rehearsal Time:  7-8:30p  All rehearsals and concerts will be at Yates Baptist Church Sanctuary unless

changes are required and the membership will receive an email if changes are necessary.

2022-2023 Vox Schedule:

August 30th 6-7:30 pm  Vox Auditions for new members

Sept 6th 6-7pm Vox Auditions

Sept 6th 7-8:30 pm First Rehearsal, Meet n Greet afterwards nearby at Beer Study Pub

Dec 13th LAST REHEARSAL of 2022

Jan 3rd FIRST REHEARSAL of 2023

Jan 21st Dress Rehearsal 11-1
Jan 22nd Concert 2pm call time 3pm concert YATES

Jan 24th –  Tuesday Recording session

FEB 14th – NO REHEARSAL Valentine’s day

March 18th Dress Rehearsal 11-1
March 19th Joint Concert with DSA, Northern, and Riverside TTBB Ensembles, 2pm call time 3 pm Concert – Yates

March 21st -Tuesday Recording session


May 20th Dress Rehearsal 11-1
May 21st Concert 2pm call time 3 pm Concert – Chapel in the Pines

May 23rd – Tuesday recording session

May 28th End of Year Pig Party
May 30th General Business Meeting

2.  DUES:

Dues are mandatory for every member and go towards (a) Director and Accompanist salaries;  both positions are now paid positions, (b) purchases of new music, (c) recordings and (d) Appreciation Honorariums to Yates Baptist Church for providing the rehearsal and performance space to Vox for free.

Dues are $50 per semester or $100 per year.  Vox Members are also required to purchase a purple Vox Performance Shirt which is at cost to you, somewhere in the $25 range per member.  The Board voted not to provide dues “scholarships” from our Treasury.  However, members have sponsored other members by paying a member’s dues in the past or paid twice as much for their dues to anonymously help members who have financial hardships.  If you think you’ll have a problem paying the $100 dues amount, please contact the Board President, Tom Link to discuss your situation and develop a plan for dues payment.

For the Board,

Tom Link, link.thom@gmail.com

Conductor/Artistic Director, 

Jeremy Nabors, naborsje@gmail.com